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Using Notifications

The OceanIO platform offers access to 3 types of events within the Container Tracking Service. All event types can be accessed as push or pull

  1. Normal events
    • Container milestones delivered as either estimates, predictions or actuals. You can read more about GET events here.
  2. Exceptions
    • The OceanIO offers the following exceptions:
      • Container not found
      • Port Intelligence thresholds are met
  3. Notifications
    • The OceanIO offers 4 types of notifications:
      • Early Journey notifications
      • Transport Completed notification
      • Transport split notification
      • Schedule Change notification

In the following article, notification events which do not require a subscription, will be covered.

Notification overview

The 4 types of notifications are listed in the following overview.

Working with notifications

Notifications are available via :

  • push, by creating a webhook with type=NOTIFICATION
  • pull, by calling GET /notifications

Get notification when transport is completed

When transports are completed the OceanIO generated an event. These TRANSPORT_COMPLETED events are available in the notification stream.

The example below shows an example of a TRANSPORT_COMPLETED event:

    "correlation_id": "bbd0d352-b82d-11ed-95fb-6e4851322151",
    "notification_datetime": "2023-03-01T12:36:48.241557+00:00",
    "notification_type": "TRANSPORT_INFORMATION",
    "notification_title": "TRANSPORT_COMPLETED",
        "correlation_id": "bbd0d0c8-b82d-11ed-95fb-6e4851322151",
        "id": 17650,
        "transport_id": "##transMRSU6142842(323f5a58-4be6-452a-a957-0fd5cfcdd626)",
        "identifier_type": "equipment_reference",
        "identifier": "MRSU6142842"

A transport completed event for a equipment_reference, a carrier booking reference and a B/L will have the same notification type and title. Via identifier_type its possible to know which type of transport is completed.

Get notification when a booking reference is split

When a booking reference is split for the Carrier Hapag a notification is generated. – New transports are not automatically created.

The example below shows an example of a TRANSPORT_SPLIT event.

“correlation_id”: “f6df424e-c278-11ed-9a8a-2284dcf3d66a”,
“notification_datetime”: “2023-03-14T15:00:31.204294+00:00”,
“notification_type”: “TRANSPORT_SPLIT”,
“notification_title”: “CARRIER_BOOKING_REFERENCE_SPLIT”,
“data”: {
“correlation_id”: “f6df401e-c278-11ed-9a8a-2284dcf3d66a”,
“id”: 18465,
“transport_id”: “##trans(c1633054-6a11-4f7b-9758-d4f3e3298576)”,
“identifier_type”: “carrier_booking_reference”,
“identifier”: “69543071”,
“new_identifiers”: [