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Using Vessel Schedules

Using Vessel Schedules

The OceanIO platform offers schedules to let you choose the Carrier with the most suited schedule. Schedules can be used utilized in various ways. For instance:

  • To determine which schedule to select in a planning situation

  • To check a givens vessels schedule

  • To receive updates when a Schedule changes (ETA/ETD/port Calls added/removed)

Supported Carriers for Vessel Schedules

The OceanIO platform supports the following carriers for Vessel Schedules.

  1. CMA, (Incl. ANL, APL, CNC)
  2. COSCO
  6. HAPAG
  8. ICL
  9. KMTC
  10. MAERSK (incl SEALAND)
  11. MATSON
  12. MSC
  13. ONE
  14. OOCL
  15. PIL
  16. SMLINE
  17. WANHAI
  19. ZIM

Check schedules for a port pair

To check which schedules are available between a port of loading and port of destination use the GET /schedules endpoint. This endpoint returns all possible schedules between 2 ports.

Three different options to return the schedules are supported:

  • CURRENT: When using this option only active schedules will be displayed, which means that the given origin event has to be in the past i.e “ACT”. And the given destination must be in the future, i.e “EST”

  • NEXT: If this option is used both the given origin and destination events has to be in the future, i.e “EST”. So only schedules which is going to happen will be returned here.

  • TIMEINTERVAL: for timeinterval a begin_datetime and end_datetime is needed and then only schedules within that timeframe is shown.

Besides these options, a filter with a carrier scac code can be used. This means that only schedules for that specific carrier will be shown, given that the carrier scac code is supported by GH.

Check schedule for a specific Vessel

To check a schedule for a specific vessel use the GET /schedules/{vessel_IMO_Number} This endpoint returns the schedules for the specific vessel requested. Here it is possible to filter for a specific carrier scac code if it is supported by GH.


  1. Q: For which time frame am I getting schedules?
    A: For a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks ahead
  2. Q: How many ports within the schedule service are you supporting?
    A: The schedule service supports all ports for all supported Carriers
  3. Q: How many Carriers am I getting schedules for?
    A: Vessel schedules are currently provided for 19 carriers incl their subsidiary companies. These are all listed here.