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The port congestion vessels endpoint takes a un location code as an argument and gives back the vessels currently at anchorage and berth. Specifically a number of vessels at berth and a number of vessel at anchor alongside two lists of vessel imo numbers and names, and how long they’ve been at berth or anchor.

Note that not all ports are supported, check section available ports to see the ones that are.

The endpoint can be used like below:

GET /ports/{un_location_code}/port-congestions/vessels

The result comes back as shown below:

GET /ports/USLAX/port-congestions/vessels

  "un_location_code": "USLAX",
  "number_of_vessels_at_anchor": 42,
  "number_of_vessels_at_berth": 16,
  "vessels_at_anchor": [
      "vessel_imo": 9231808,
      "vessel_name": "ZIM VIRGINIA",
      "since": "2021-11-17T16:36:42"
      "vessel_imo": 9639787,
      "vessel_name": "PRETTY VICTORY",
      "since": "2021-10-26T22:34:32"
  "vessels_at_berth": [
      "vessel_imo": 9631979,
      "vessel_name": "APL RAFFLES",
      "since": "2021-11-19T04:21:25"
      "vessel_imo": 9351127,
      "vessel_name": "CMA CGM GEORGIA",
      "since": "2021-11-28T04:51:47"